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konechny_variant_metodichki АНГЛИЙСКИЙЙ. Методическое пособие по английскому языку Подписано в печать Формат

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НазваниеМетодическое пособие по английскому языку Подписано в печать Формат
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Classified roads, contour lines, elevation, mean sea level, projection, relief, topography, unclassified roads, UTM grid

  • a square grid system based on the transverse Mercator projection, depicted on maps. It can be used to locate the position of features on the map accurately by distance or direction.

  • geometric representation of the curved surface of the earth on a flat sheet of paper.

  • lines on the map connecting points of equal elevation above mean sea level; using contour lines, relief features can be profiled into a three-dimensional perspective.

  • roads for which surface type, width and use are identified.

  • roads for which the surface is unidentified.

  • surface features both natural and cultural, collectively depicted on topographic maps.

  • the average height of the surface of the sea for all stages of tide, used as a reference surface from which elevations are measured.

  • the physical configuration of the earth's surface, depicted on a topographic map by contour lines and spot heights.

  • vertical distance from a datum (usually mean sea level) to a point or object on the earth's surface.

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  1. Read and translate the text:

Cadastral Map

A cadastral map is a map which provides detailed information about real property within a specific area. A simple example of a cadastral map might be a map of a village which shows the boundaries of all of the parcels or lots within the village, although cadastral maps can show other types of areas as well. These maps are usually maintained by the government, and they are a matter of public record; anyone who wishes to go to the office which maintains the records can ask to see them.

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